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Vero Veria Steel Structure System and Foundation

For the ultra precision optical instrument, it is strictly necessary to shield the transmitted microscopic vibration from adjacent equipment and/or moving object. For this purpose, a small spacing should be arranged along surroundings of equipment, and specially designed foundation should be provided. VERO VERIA can offer the most suitable foundation system, which will be designed with dynamic analysis in total consideration of given environment condition, tolerable micro vibration level for the equipment and seismic condition. The product will be carefully manufactured in VERO factory and transported in completely finished product in compliance with transportation limit.

Steel Structure - 3.jpg
Steel Structure - 1_edit.jpg
Steel Structure - 3.jpg
FFH - System Foundation.jpg
Steel Structure - Sample - 2.png
Steel Structure - Sample - 1.png

Steel Structure System


Foundation Sample

Steel Foundation.jpg
Steel Foundation - Sample.jpg
Criterion Curve.jpg
Design of the steel structure and size of adhesive or anchor bolts will be defined due to load and seismic condition. VERO can offer the most suitable design of steel structure system, due to specification by each client, for which we have abundant experience.
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