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Vero Veria Aluminum Raised Floor Accessories
RMF Tube.jpg
Vero Veria SMC Tube
SMC Tube.jpg



Easy to assemble. Connecting the square tube structure and steel can enhance, strengthen and stabilize the cement floor, after the completion of construction this will avoid the holes drift problems and steel bars exposed. Cement grouting without demould, reducing the working hours and increasing the engineering efficiency.


Steel panel with steel reinforcement will not deform by the transport collision. Structures can be disassembled in a stack, increasing the number of transport and reduce transportation costs.


There is no need to store at the site after the completion of construction, to avoid the environment to become dirty and subsequent object management and other issues. Modular components can effectively reduce the storage space.


Manufacturing, processing and design can be changed faster. Grouting test can determine that there is no structural deformation condition. Using galvanized steel, paint coating in a square tube will avoid oxidation and rust problem.

Vero Veria Steel Tube
Steel Tube -1.jpg
Steel Tube - 2.jpg
Steel Tube - 3.jpg
Steel Tube - 4.jpg
Steel Tube - 5.jpg
Accessories - Tubes.jpg

Aluminum Raised



Aluminum Raised Round Panel - 1.jpg
Aluminum Raised Round Panel - 3.jpg
Accessories - Round Panel.jpg
 Above information is VERO VERIA standard design: VERO will manufacture according to client specifications for customized design. VERO's strong R&D team can customize the design to meet client requirements.
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