AEG - Case Studies

AEG partners with owners and managers to drive down operational costs by making their buildings more efficient.  Typically the improvements are offset by energy savings and incentives that represent less than a 3 year ROI.  Net result is a building that is more efficient, costs less to operate and reduces its impact on the environment.


Health Care:   AEG recently completed a Data Center improvement project for a large Regional Health Care provider in the greater Portland metro area.  Prior to AEG’s involvement, the Data Center was well beyond capacity for its cooling requirements, causing various space generators and air conditioning equipment to "trip" due to over heating.  AEG’s scope included modifications to the air flow that serviced Data Room cooling units, installed new supply and return air diffusers, refrigerant piping insulation and air flow improvements to the back up generator and condensing units.  At the completion of the project, the energy cost-saving improvements were so substantial that not only did the Data Center not require additional cooling capacity but they were able to reduce the loading and total run times of existing cooling units with energy savings exceeding 30%.

Hi Tech & Semiconductor:  
AEG recently completed an energy study and proposal for a hi-tech chip manufacturer located in Hillsboro.  The scope included modifications to Test Floor cleanrooms and air flow, replacing the existing steam boilers with new hi-efficient ultra sonic units and fine turning existing control systems.  AEG worked directly with the customer and Energy Trust of Oregon to secure $121,000 in incentives that were applied against a total project value of $345,000.  The net result is a project that will not only improve the conditions of the Test Floor Area but will pay for itself in less than 1.5 years.   AEG’s scope included the energy audit, coordination of all energy incentives with the owner and all construction and project management for the installation of the improvements.

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