AEG - Post Monitoring & Measurements

Owners often require assurance that the energy savings that were committed within an energy audit are actually being achieved.  To accomplish this, AEG provides Measurement and Verification (M&V) services that include:

    ▪  Temporary Metering:   Provide temporary meters to monitor and track the
       electrical consumption for new or modified equipment for a period of 3-6 months.
On-going Annual Measurements:   Provide monthly metering service to the
       owner on an on-going basis, allowing for continual tracking of electrical and/or gas
       consumption.  Not only is the owner clearly able to see the cost saving mprovements,
       but they can monitor their building’s systems for any daily operational anomalies.
Owner Provides M&V:  Many owners already have the ability to provide M&V
       Services by using their own staff. 
AEG would work with the facility's existing team
       to construct tracking procedures and format for proper measurements and reporting.