AEG - Construction Management Svc's

A critical component of any successful energy management improvement is provided by professional construction management and installation.  This step ensures that all engineered modifications are installed per the design intentions (for both efficiency and occupant comfort).  AEG coordinates all aspects of Construction Management and oversees the contractor's installation of:

    ▪  Boilers & Chillers                                      ▪  Ductwork changes
    ▪  Fan systems or roof top unit changes    ▪  Lighting upgrades
    ▪  Architectural improvements                    ▪  Ceilings, walls and floor systems

AEG assigns a Project Manager who works directly with the owner from the project's inception through completion.  The PM is responsible for the scheduling and coordination of all trades and subcontractors who are associated with the project.  The owner will determine the completion of each project and how system efficiency will be maintained.